How Medical Transcription Companies Provide Medical Transcription

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Medical transcription is a well known term in the Healthcare Industry. It is very useful to Healthcare professionals as well as to those who want to build a bright career in the field of Medicare. A significant amount of companies are providing transcription services to users as per their requirements ranging from small to large organizations. This article is about how these companies provide medical transcription to clients.

The process is divided into three different steps. They are Input, Conversion and Output. We will see each of these in greater details.

1) Input: The first step is to provide voice audio to medical transcription company. For this, usually clients use DVR or any related audio recorder to capture their voice audio. Then next thing is to register to concerned company’s website. After that clients just log in and simply attach their DVR. Audio files will then be uploaded to company’s transcription centre.

2) Conversion: Medical Transcription Company has a team of expert medical transcription professionals. They generally have quite decent experience and know medical transcription terminologies well. Such team can deal with client’s speech, style and patterns. They listen to the voice audio files of clients and develop accurate text document accordingly. Documents are prepared as per client’s requirements – if client wants a pdf, word file or any other preferred document format, then specified format is developed.

After the document is developed, the next phase is to test its quality. Another team of Quality Analysts are then given these documents for quality checking purpose. They make sure that documents are fully compliant with Data Protection and HIPAA.

3) Output: After QA process is completed, the final step is to deliver. Developed documents are re-uploaded to the website and client is sent a mail regarding completion of the transcription process. Clients can read the developed document online by logging in and check whether the document meets their requirements or not. If it is fine, then it can be downloaded by the clients or else they can ask for further correction by replying with same DVR or voice files.

This is how medical transcription companies provide medical transcription services to HealthCare Industry. Healthcare professionals are greatly helped by such firms, because then they can focus more effectively on their core medical practices and related activities. Moreover they can save their valuable time by consulting such companies. So if you would like to know more about medical transcription, please visit:

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How Medical Transcription Companies Provide Medical Transcription

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This article was published on 2011/04/04